Yoga Workshops

Tracey offers yoga related workshops that allow individuals to focus on a particular skill building element, themes like arm balances, learning how to ‘float’ in jump backs and jump through and a whole list of other categories that are endless.

These 2 hour workshops are packed with information, building blocks, drills and an approachable well thought out program that is achievable in order to reach your goals and develop within your own practice.

Tracey thinks outside of the ‘box’, enabling the student to look at their practice with ‘fresh eyes’ particularly if what you are doing is not working and you have been stuck for months, even years or have just simply plateaued. A workshop could be just the tonic to inspire you!

Tracey’s fun yet hard working approach will definitely motivate you to learn new things and could be just the kick start you need.

You don’t have to be an Ashtanga practitioner to benefit from these types of workshops because whatever the topic, it can be incorporated and integrated into any style of practice or training discipline.

“Arm balances and inversions are my weakest points in yoga and that is why I decided to attend Tracey’s arm balance workshop in June. It was very well structured, first we prepared our bodies by doing some stretches and strengthening exercises or some additional steps just to see ‘how it should feel’ or ‘how we should be placed’. None of these were necessarily yoga related, but Tracey thinks ‘outside of the box’. When the time came to try some arm balances like Bhujapidasana and  Tittibhasana etc, I managed to do them for the first time in my life! Still a bit wobbly but at least I can get into a pose and work on improvement! Now my mind and body remembers that I can do it and the placement and I do a very ‘imperfect’ version every class. I can definitely recommend these workshops, especially for beginners or if you have a fear of arm balances (like I did and still do but it’s getting better 🙂 A lot is in the technique and Tracey teaches you technique really well”.

Anna Lenkiewicz

June, 2018

Upcoming Yoga Events and Workshops

Information on Tracey’s upcoming yoga related events and workshops appear below:


Beginner Handstand Workshop

Bounce Gym New Malden

Saturday 28 July 12.30 – 3pm

(pre-booking required as spaces are limited)