“Just wanted to say I really enjoyed that workshop and I feel I got a lot out of it! A lot of things clicked from this workshop. I couldn’t really hold the handstand before, and I held it quite a few times during the workshop so I’m absolute buzzing from that. It was very well thought out and planned! I hope you’ll do another one again soon. Thank you .”

Malena Orlando

“The way Tracey teaches ashtanga yoga is exceptional and so empowering. She beautifully leads you through the practice with all her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience. Each and every one of her classes is dynamic and has something new to offer. One of the great things I learned from her is the importance of self acceptance while developing and challenging myself. I keep learning from her and can’t be more thankful to her.”

Sepideh Meskoob

“I was lucky to come across Tracey through a gym class 4 years ago. She inspired me to get stronger and I have practiced with her ever since! Her direct approach spoke to me – as a teacher myself, I really appreciate her explanation of what the body needs to build both strength and flexibility. It is challenging but Tracey is always encouraging and good humoured. I love the playful nature of her classes, exploring each pose while accepting where my body is at on its journey to getting there… I always leave knackered but completely energised and empowered, ready to take on anything!”

Kelly Nayler

“I have been attending Tracey’s classes for nearly three years now and she was the first teacher that really transformed my practice from dropping into a class here and there every so often to wanting to attend as many of her classes as possible. Tracey’s style of yoga is dynamic and strong but also allows a great amount of growth through exploration and questioning. Tracey combines a huge amount of knowledge and depth in all her sessions which makes them playful and no one class is the same as another. I can’t recommend Tracey enough as a teacher for anyone whether you are a beginner with no prior knowledge or if you are an experienced yogi and want to deepen your practice further.”

Rachel Cruickshank

“Tough as a ballet teacher –

I’ve been coming to Tracey’s classes for a while and this is the first (and only one so far) yoga teacher who taught me how to work with my hypermobility. I had to go back to basics to re-work old habits. I got much stronger as Tracey does lots of strengthening exercises.. The classes are well structured and really hard but it’s worth it. I think I’m addicted to yoga with Tracey.”

Anna Lenkiewicz

“I feel very lucky to have benefitted from Tracey’s unique teaching methods for over 3 years now. There is a real buzz about her classes and a beautiful collective energy in the (Sunday) group class that is a result of her warm and engaging personality. Each class is far more that a run through of the primary series, but is tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of each individual in the room.

Tracey has the ability to break down each posture in a relatable way, removing the intimidation factor, and equipping each student with the necessary skills (through various drills on strength and flexibility) to advance is each posture, at their own pace. Tracey is an incredibly generous, passionate and knowledgeable teacher who encourages her students to learn and progress and she is always available for advice if needed. I leave her classes feeling challenged but energized, having always learnt something new and above all else, feeling inspired to continue learning more about yoga.”

Nicola Burton

“I hope you’ve all had breakfast this morning. You’re going to need your strength.” That was how Tracey started her Ashtanga class the first time I took it two years ago. I was hooked.

Most people think of yoga as a way to calm their mind, stretch their muscles and maybe support other sports they do. Few consider it as a way of developing strength, discipline, patience, and an understanding of how their bodies work.

I think the most important lesson Tracey has taught me over the past few years is that Yoga doesn’t just happen. It’s hard. And if you want to achieve, you have to work at it. It’s like any other skill.

First, you need to develop a deeper understanding of the necessary alignments and mechanics of the asanas. Next, you need to acknowledge – not accept – your own strengths and weaknesses. Then, you need to set achievable goals that bring the two closer together. Finally, step-by-step, class-by-class Tracey helps you accomplish your goals.

It’s a process, and a hard one at that! But thoroughly enjoyable and extremely rewarding. As a yoga practitioner of 20 years, I have had some wonderful teachers. But I can honestly say Tracey is the best yoga teacher I have ever had!

I highly recommend Tracey’s classes.

Farisa Zarin

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash