One to One Yoga


Tracey offers bespoke one to one yoga lessons. There are many reasons why people seek out one on one. Some are intimidated by classes, others have injuries and or medical conditions, you may be a complete beginner, and there are those that simple want that individual attention that you wouldn’t ordinarily receive in a class situation. Whatever the reason, everyone can benefit from this type of service. Whether you are seeking a strong lean body or a stress releasing practice that’ll work from the inside out,

Tracey will meet you exactly where you are at, tailoring the practice to meet your needs. The stresses and strains of modern life mean that the body takes a toll. Whether you have a demanding job or a hectic schedule, or are looking for some much needed ‘time out’ for yourself to unwind and de-stress, yoga could be just the tonic the body and mind are seeking in order to stay balanced and healthy.

Tracey comes to you, in the comfort of your own home or private space which means no travel time is needed on top of some of your already busy lives. Tracey has been teaching for the past 16 years. Her extensive knowledge and experience mean that you will be in the best possible hands. Her ability to communicate with a friendly and approachable manner is a sure way to leave you feeling energised, centred, calm and steady. And your body, well it’ll thank you for sure!

Tracey’s fees are £90 per session.