Strength & Conditioning

Tracey considers weight training as an integral part of her training. As a Yoga practitioner and teacher, she values the importance of strength alongside flexibility. Mobility is key to a healthy body. Recognising that her practice worked very much on slow twitch fibres and had all pushing and no pulling actions, she decided that a more balanced body required her to look outside of her practice.

Tracey doesn’t spend hours a day stretching, her training focuses on building strength through a greater range of motion and to improve strength and stability around the joints. That’s the beauty of functional training, it will not hinder your mobility at all, in fact, trained correctly, it can greatly improve it. It gets your body moving in a healthier way, the way it’s intended to move, strong, mobile, controlled and efficient.

Tracey particularly loves Olympic Lifting, which requires technique, skill, strength and a whole lot of mobility! You just have to take a look at her social media platforms to see, overhead squats, front and back squats highlighting shoulder, thoracic and hip mobility and strength.

Whether you are a yoga practitioner or simply interested in how weight training can benefit you, get in touch with Tracey, she’ll help you meet your goals, offering personalised training programs to meet your needs.