One to One Handstand


Tracey offers one to one lessons for Handstand practice. Effective training needs to be individualised and catered to meet your needs. The individual attention you receive is second to none compared to a group class environment. Tracey is particularly skilled in explaining things so that you you can translate that into your body and movement. One on one sessions allow for a constant assessment of your body making each session unique.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already on your way, Tracey’s technical expertise will have you competently balancing in no time and progressing you so that you are constantly building upon your skill sets.

Many disciplines include handstand as part of their training, for example Crossfit, forms of martial arts, yoga, performing art and dance. And then you have a wider audience who are simply fascinated by handstand and the desire to learn ‘how to’. Whatever your motive is, Tracey will help you reach your goals.

Tracey’s fees are £90 per session.