Accessory Drill for Stadler

Accessory training is like having extra homework, which will target specific areas of weakness. I am presently working on the Stalder but am stuck at a certain point where I cannot get any further. When you reach that point, or a plateau, regardless of what discipline you are working on, be it Yoga, calisthenics, weight training, martial arts, you have to look at the areas that need improving and it’s possible that you may have to work on separate components, that add up to the main skill. So, here I am hanging from this squat rack, upside down, working on my active flexibility for the Stalder. It mimicks the exact same move but without the balance and the all important press action. The bottom position when I lower the legs is the top position of the Handstand and the straddle position with knees to shoulders is the start position of the press (try to imagine what I’m doing by flipping it upside down) Whether you’re working on that particular skill or not, it’ll really improve your strength and flexibility. But be warned, it’s pretty hard, your quads will burn for sure and that’s why I could only manage 3 reps for 2 sets only!