About Tracey

Tracey Mansell is a practitioner and dedicated Teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She has been teaching since 2002. For the last 16 years Tracey has honed her skills as a teacher and developed a thriving community of yoga practitioners. She is certified by her Teacher John Scott at 500 hour Level to teach Primary and Second Series Practitioners.

Today, her highly personalised, effective and safe approach to teaching attracts students from all walks of life.

Tracey, also referred to as ‘handstand Tracey’, has a passion for the art of hand balancing. Her dedication and determination of years of practice for this skilful art of hand balancing means she now runs her own workshops in London, teaching handstands to complete beginners to the more experienced.

Committed to her own practice, Tracey understands the importance of strength training and longevity of her yoga practice and therefore implements regular strength and conditioning sessions into her own weekly routine; allowing her to take her yoga to the next level whilst keeping herself injury-free.

Throughout her career, Tracey’s passion to continue learning reflects in her teaching, sharing her knowledge and expertise to help others continuously improve. Tracey, who has a friendly approach and a sense of humour with an infectious laugh that can’t be missed, is known for inspiring others to explore their own limitless potential.